Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reds final roster

It looks like there are four spots still open.

Wilkin Castillo, Paul Janish, and Adam Rosales are battling for the final infield back-up spot. All three provide good position flexibilty, with Castillo able to catch and play infield and outfield, Janish able to play all three infield spots, and Rosales able to play both corner infield positions. Janish has a great glove, Castillo could be a third catcher, but Rosales has the best upside (he homered yesterday) of the three. Expect him to make the team. If A-Gon isn't ready, both Janish and Rosales could make it.

Danny Herrera and Bill Bray are fighting it out for the final LOOGY spot. I expect the team to keep Herrera and trade Bray, but they might start with Bray on the roster and still try to trade him. His trade value takes a hit if they send him down. Herrera still has options. The Bray for Thames trade won't happen because the Tigers will now use Thames as part of their DH rotation now that they cut Sheffield.

Speaking of Sheffield, Dusty is interested. If he is signed, he would take the final spot that Laynce Nix and Darnell McDonald are now fighting for. Sheff could provide some pop off the bench, but I would just as soon pass on him. One, I don't like the guy. Two, we're trying to get younger, not older. If Sheff signs, that would also hurt Rosales because Sheff can back-up at first base.

Bailey and Massett are still fighting for the final long-relief spot. We've beaten that one to death here.

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