Monday, April 13, 2009

Movies update

Last weekend Rachel and I went to see Adventureland. It was by the same guy that did Superbad, so I was expecting it to be hilarious. It wasn't. It was really funny and also really sweet, but not as funny as Superbad. But I highly recommend it.

Not as high on my list is Observe and Report. We saw it this weekend (actually Sunday morning at 10:40; as you can probably imagine, we were the only two in the theatre). I have been a big fan of Seth Rogan since he had a small part in the t.v. series by Jud Appatow, Freeks and Geeks, and O and R was done by one of the guys behind the new HBO comedy Eastbound and Down, which is also hilarious, so I had high hopes. I would recommend O and R because it is funny and it is well done, especially if you like really dark humor. But I liked Adventureland a lot better. Danny McBride, the star of Eastbound and Down, had a small part in O and R, but both Rachel and I thought he should have had the Seth Rogen roll. Rachel wondered if they needed a bigger star (Rogen) to get financing for the movie. It was put out by Warner Bros. and received a lot of marketing, so I think Rachel is on to something there.

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