Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm holding my breath

Peter Gammons is reporting on a rumor (he says he doesn't "know" anything) that a three-way trade is being discussed that would send Jermaine Dye to the Reds, Chone Figgins to the White Sox and ..... Joey Votto to the Angels. This is a terrible idea for the Reds. If it's true, I'm flabbergasted. Dye is clearly the least valuable of those three and Votto the most valuable.


Anonymous said...

Gammons is not always right on the trades. The seasoned members of the media, who report daily on the MLB teams, scratch their heads over some of the things he writes. That said, Votto to the Angels - horrible idea. If that occurs, that means the Reds are completely sure about Alonzo (who is still a year away). Or does that mean the Reds will go after a RH bat to place first?

Anonymous said...

But, Gammons maybe right. Depends on who his source is. By "scratch their heads," I mean, "how does he get this information" because sometimes the "source" is obvious, while other times, the source is imposible to identify (i.e., Deepthroat).