Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Running out of steam

Okay, I'm running out of steam on my hotstove preview for the Reds.  I have a ton of other ideas for posts but want to finish this up, so tonight we talk pitching (or lack thereof). Barring a move, our 1-4 spots in the rotation are set:  Harang, Arroyo, Volquez, and Cueto, not necessarily in that order.  What we need out of this group is Harang from '06 and '07, but not '08, and Arroyo from the second half of last year. (The Legends had him riding pine for five of his wins -- but in their defense, they were five wins coming off of his late June disaster in Toronto. He gave up something like 10 runs in front of a ton of scouts. Without that terrible outing, however, he probably would have had a great second half for another team.) If Cueto can get a little better and Volquez only gets a little worse, that's a pretty decent rotation. 

Oh wait, it's not the '70's and we need a fifth guy. I'm already on record as saying that fifth guy should be the Big Unit. I may follow-up this post with some other left-handers that may be out there (for example there are some great candidates in the Rule 5 draft, but I see that as a better way to tab a decent lefty reliever) but that will have to wait. Suffice it to say, if "who is the fifth starter" is our big concern coming north in the spring, we're in good shape. (I know, a cop out, but like I said I'm running out of steam.) Right now, the fifth spot is wide open. 

Our pen doesn't look too bad either.  Coco is again slated to be our closer, and with his contract they really have no choice but to run him out there in the ninth every chance they get. Plus, running a bullpen doesn't seem to be one of Dusty's strongest points, so a confirmed closer is a plus for this team.  Jared Burton seems like a decent enough set-up guy, maybe in the Heath Bell mold, and Bray has all of the experts salivating. Maybe this is the year that Bray and Majewski put the "worst trade ever -- for both teams" talk to rest.  Both of these guys have some promise. I don't know anything about Daniel Ray Herrera other than he's a lefty. If he's another Felix Herrera, he'll do. 

The only other reliever listed is Micha Owings and I have a separate post planned for him.  I will also visit the pitching prospects later.

As far as the rumor mill goes, the Reds are said to be talking to David Weathers to bring him back (not a terrible idea, but probably not worth the money) and are said to be looking at lefty Arthur Rhoads in the free agent market (not a terrible idea, but probably not worth the money).  I haven't heard any other rumors other than that the Reds already have a deal in place to send Arroyo to the White Sox (no relation) for Jermaine Dye.  Oh wait, I wrote that earlier today. Probably not true, then.   

For now, the floor is open to any comments on the roster as a whole, and any potential moves the Reds should make.  


MaxCady said...

Don't see why the Reds need a fifth starter. The ultimate in luxury (like a closer or LH pinch hitter) that the Reds can't afford. And even if you make the playoffs, that player is completely useless.

I'd rather see them use the money on a semi-legitimate outfielder. Otherwise, we'll open the season with Bruce/Hopper/Dickerson, probably the worst Opening Day Reds OF since McNamara ran Milner/Cedeno/Householder out there.

Great blog, Dave!

Sam Bowden said...

That was kind of my point with Ramon Ramirez. Maybe the idea is to trade Arroyo for Dye and sign the Big Unit as one of our four guys and still let the youngsters fight it out for the fifth spot. You'll see in my upcoming post on the Rule 5 draft that there are some good pitching options available. That might be an even better way to go to add another arm to compete for that 5th spot.

Side Show Bob said...

I can sing the entire score from the H.M.S. Pinafore if you like?