Friday, December 5, 2008


According to John Fay, the Giants are interested in Edwin Encarnacion. Fay puts Easy Eddy as the most like Red to be traded, followed by Homer Bailey.

Who might we get back? I wouldn't mind seeing Fred Lewis come back to the Reds in a trade. I saw him late in the year in '08 at the GAP and thought he looked good. He hit .282/.351/.440 last year with 9 hr's and 40 rbi's with 21 sb's in 28 attempts. He struck out 124 times in 133 games, which is too much, but still managed 51 walks and a .351 OBP.

Randy Winn is the same player (.306/.363/.426, with 25 sb's in 27 attempts and a 59/88 BB/K ratio), only proven over time and more expensive. He will earn $8.25 mil. in the final year of a three year contract. Lewis is still around the major league minimum and will be under club control for some time.

Of course, Lincecum and/or Cain would be nice, but right-handed starter is not a place where we want to be putting our resources.


Anonymous said...

No WAY we get Lincecum--dude is filthy.

Fred Lewis is much better than Winn. Winn is a great defender but is washed up offensively and was never that good with the bat to begin with. Lewis, though, is young and has power potential Winn never demonstrated. Plus he can play center. Edwin is a high price to pay, given our other choices at 3rd, but I think I agree, I'd do that deal.

big z said...

I agree that Lewis would be better, but it's a little harsh to call Winn washed up.

The more I think about Lewis the more I like the idea.

Dave Zahniser said...

We could have had Lincecum, but took Drew Stubbs. We weren't the only team.