Monday, December 29, 2008

Unit fall-out

I saw the S.F. rotation shaping up nicely with Lincecum (reigning Cy Young), Johnson (multiple Cy Young's), Zito (former Cy Young), Cain (stud), and Johnathan Sanchez, an up-and-comer lefty. He didn't have a great year last year, going 9-12, albeit for a bad team, with a 5.01 era. But he did strike out 157 in 158 IP. That's as solid a rotation as you'll find (except for maybe Zito). But the Oversized need some more offense to go with the pitching and that's where this post comes in. Maybe the Reds could send Easy Eddie to the Giants for Sanchez. Boy do the Reds need a lefty starter, and the Giants may be ready to trade some pitching abundance for some (potentially) good production. This would seem like a backward step for the Reds' offense, but Keppy could play third (with A-Gon at short) and we could still look for some right-handed pop in Baldelli or even Burrell. Food for thought.

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