Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Javier Vazquez trade

This is supposed to be a general baseball blog, so I will make some comments about the trade generally before I get to how it effects the Reds. I like this trade for both teams. Vazquez is a very underated pitcher and should get a boost in stats coming to the N.L. The Braves give up a lot of prospects here, but Boone Logan is a decent left-hander out of the pen and Vazquez goes right in near the top of their rotation. Flowers is a good prospect, but the Braves have McCann as their main catcher. On the other hand, the White Sox (no relation) need a long-term replacement for A.J. Lillibridge is underated as a prospect (you'll recall he came over from the Pirates last year) but I wonder if the Braves are trying to re-sign Furcal to play short. I don't see Lillibridge starting this year, so the White Sox may still be planning something with a big hole at third. Unless they plan to move Ramirez to third instead of short and plug in Lillibridge.

I'd never heard of the other two guys.

The Sox lose Vazquez, which leaves only Danks, Floyd, and Buehrle as decent rotation options. On the surface a curious move for a "contender." I'm choosing to believe that this means the Sox have worked out a deal with the Reds for Dye. But it's not Homer, it's Arroyo. Arroyo replaces Vazquez in the rotation (although not as one, but a four). Arroyo is actually a decent value with his contract. Of course, it could just mean that they are planning to sign a free agent, like bringing Jon Garland back for a second tour. One thing for certain, they can't go into the year and hope to compete with only the three decent starters. Interesting...

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