Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Easy Eddy

The Reds signed Edwin Encarnacion to a two-year deal, avoiding arbitration with the third sacker. You will recall that he had the highest projected VORP by PECOTA on the Reds for 2009. Although not announced yet, I'm guessing the the deal is around $8 mil for the two years, with about $3.2 mil this year and about $5 mil for '10.

I'm working on my updated, projected 25-man roster, with payroll figures (just under $68 mil for '09?), which should be up by tomorrow at the latest.


Scott Blume said...

I've seen some pretty good write ups about the youthful Reds and how they are quietly building a good nucleus for the future. Edwin is always a thorn in the side of Marty but the Cowboy seems to balance the scales.

Dave Zahniser said...

I think Eddy is a great asset to the team. He does need to cut-down on the throwing errors.

Details on the contract: $2 mil this year with a $850 k signing bonus. $4.75 mil for next year. I was close.