Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"It's not over unitl I say it's over. It's over. There, now it's over"

This was a classic line from a Cheers episode where Sam and Diane were trying to break-up. I think it describes how I feel about the news that Abreu signed a one-year deal for a little more than $5 mil. with the Angels. To paraphrase, "I'm not pissed until I say I'm pissed. I'm pissed. There, now I'm pissed."

Some of you were angry that the Rays were able to sign Burrell for two years at around $16 mil. when the Reds desparately needed right handed power and a left fielder. I wasn't so angry arguing that Burrell can't play the field and that we should try cheaper options. Well, Abreu at $5 mil. on a one-year deal could have been the piece the Reds needed to compete for the division this year. (And might actually generate some interest in the Reds and some ticket sales for yours truly who is about to take a serious bath on Reds season tickets this year.) The rotation is good, and the Reds have some good young talent in the line-up. Why not add a cheap (now) OBP guy like Abreu who can hit in the middle of the line-up? Uggh!

Is it time to seriously consider re-signing Adam Dunn?

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VeniceLover said...

Dave, I agree with your premise, although I'm not as big a fan of Abreu as you seem to be. As far as Abreu goes, I can't get excited about his home run output last season (20 in more than 600 ABs). I expect those numbers to decline this year. I also don't see Abreu replicating 100 RBIs without folks he hit behind with the Yankees. However, without going after someone with power numbers, in short, the Reds have once again proved that they prefer to swim in the shallow end of the pool with one of those little rubber duckie life preservers than to swim in the deep end with the big boys. However, I don't know that I fault them for not offering Abreu $5M+ for what would probably be lackluster numbers.