Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PECOTA projections of the 2009 Reds

The PECOTA projections for the 2009 Reds are out. Baseball Prospectus uses these projections to predict the division standings, based on the compilation of the PECOTA projections and playing time metrix for each player on the team. The system predicts the Reds will finish fourth with a 79-83 record. Below are the projected VORP statistics for the Reds in double figures in VORP. VORP is essentially a statistic that represents a players value over a replacement player, ie. a player that could be picked up off waivers for little to no cost above the league minimum.

Easy Eddy 34.0 VORP
Joey Votto 33.9 VORP
B.P. 30.3 VORP
Jay Bruce 29.8 VORP
Harang 27.5 VORP
Volquez 25.4 VORP
Cueto 17.4 VORP
Hairston 14.7 VORP
Keppy 12.2 VORP
Cordero 10.7 VORP

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