Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars

Unfortunately, I didn't get my Oscar predictions up before the telecast so I can't really report on how I did, but regular readers know that I thought Slumdog was the best of the movies I saw. I still haven't seen Frost/Nixon although I loved the Huge Assman and Anne Hathaway version.

Regarding the telecast, I thought it was one of the best in years. I really liked the new format and thought the show sped by, even though it ran until almost midnight. One of my main complaints is how they meander through crap until the end, when they're running short on time, and then force the people you actually want to hear from (think Kate Winslet and Sean Penn v. the guy that won for documentary animated short sound editing) to speed through their speeches. There was none of that last night, and as a result, some great speeches. Especially from Sean Penn.

I'll review Frost/Nixon if I see it, otherwise that's probably it for the movies now that the Oscars are over and pitchers and catchers have reported.

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Little Z said...

I prefer the movie postings over the baseball ones.