Friday, March 6, 2009

Blue Sox keepers

Here are my keepers for the bgal (A.L. only):

C Navarro 3/$1.00
C Clement 2/$1.00
1B Morneau 6/$7.00
2B Kinsler 4/$5.40
3B Longoria 2/$2.00
CI Gordon 3/$1.00
OF Sizemore 4/$7.00
OF Crisp 2/$1.00
OF Snider 2/$1.00

P Wang 4/$3.10
P Slowey 2/$2.50
P Litsch 2/$1.00
P Hughes 3/$1.00
P Ray 2/$.10

M/L: Elvis Andrus; Lars Anderson; Clay Buchholz; Dontrelle Willis

There were only two tough calls. I left Austin Jackson off of my minor league roster in favor of Dontrelle Willis. I wanted to take a chance on Dontrelle (I clearly need pitching) and it was just too early in the year to know yet whether or not he'll be in the rotation.

I also let Howie Kendrick go back. I've had him for the last couple of years and he's been a huge disappointment, mostly because of injuries. Same story with Gordon, although his problem has been general suckiness, not injuries, but Kendrick went up to $3 this year and Gordon doesn't go up until next year. So I kept Gordon and let Kendrick go back. He'll probably win the batting title this year.

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