Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bracket update

Chalk has proven to be my enemy this year. I'm currently tied for 135th (out of 140) in the FFA office pool. My East bracket looks like it got hit by a grenade, with only Louisville and MSU getting me points. At least I have L'ville in the final four (although I did have MSU losing to BC). I still have all but one (Clemson)of my Sweet Sixteen still alive in the other three brackets.

Watching that guy from Wisconsin hit the runner with two seconds left in the second overtime, which bounced in from high off the glass, reminded me of '92 and a similar shot by Sean Woods to give the Cats the lead over Duke, and presumably win the game. Then, discussing how FSU should respond, the announcer said, "You need Laettner." Bo Ryan apparently got the connection, too, as he had a guy guarding the in-bounds pass.

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