Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Madness

It would save me some money and a whole lot of heartache to just give my $5 to David Shearer's kid, but I went ahead and entered the FFA office pool anyway. I'll just list my non-chalk, upset picks:

East: Wisconsin over FSU, Portland State over Xavier, Minnesota over Texas;
Wisconsin over Portland State for Sweet 16.

South: Butler over LSU, Western over Illinois, Morgan State over OU (sorry Blumer)
Clemson over Morgan St., Syracuse over Clemson, Gonzaga over UNC
Syracuse over Gonzaga.

Midwest: North Dakota St. over Kansas, NDS over WVU, BC over Mich. St., BC over NDSU

West: Maryland over Cal., Memphis over UConn

Final Four: The 'Ville; Memphis; Pitt; and Syracuse

Championship: Pitt. over Memphis

Conclusion: No wonder he writes about baseball.

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