Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I love this time of year

So I'm home early and I'm watching a spring training game between Toronto and Team Canada on the MLB Network. By the way, Votto is playing left filed for Team Canada, with Morneau (a Blue Sock) at first base. Current Blue Sock (but not after this Saturday when our keepers are due) Adam Loewen is playing left field for Toronto. That's quite a change for Loewen who during the '06 WBC starred as a pitcher for Team Canada, earning a spot in the Orioles rotation. He's going all Rick Ankiel this year, trying to make it as an outfielder. But I've got my young-blue-jay-outfielder money on Travis Snider.

On the ticker I saw where Gomes hit a grand salami for the Reds today against the Red Sox (no relation). I would use that as proof that I was right about Gomes, but I think Hairston also has a slam this spring training. Anyway, here's hoping the weather up here improves. It was 9 degrees this morning when I left for court in E'town.

Three weeks from yesterday we'll be in Sarasota for the Reds spring training. Can not wait. But first, this Saturday is the keeper deadline for the bgal and the 14th is the draft and auction. I would appreciate anyone's tips for sleepers this year in the A.L. No draft date has been set yet for the Colonial League (N.L.) draft, but I will be sure to let you know when it's scheduled because I know you're going to want to share your N.L. sleepers as well.

Not that into baseball? Check out a good run down of UK's hoop chances at Scutch Speaks (link on side).

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