Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The Reds seem to be drawing some interest from the national media, specifically related to how young they are and whether or not a young team is a good fit for Dusty. Both USA Today and Baseball Prospectus have articles about Dusty and his excitement over having a young team. And neither of the articles is part of a series (like "each team in review" or "30 teams in 30 days").

I haven't seen any pundits picking the Reds to win the division, but I've seen several who have the Reds as a sleeper pick. The focus seems to be on the rotation and the improved defense up the middle with the additions of Ramon Hernandez and Will Tavares and the return of A-Gon. BP is of course solid at second. Plus, all three of the fifth starter candidates, Owings, Bailey, and Masset, are pitching well. I expect Owings to get the nod with Masset in the bullpen and Bailey as the first option from Louisville. Daryl Thompson is also pitching well.

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