Monday, March 2, 2009

Reader question/Blogger question

Somebody asked me if I knew the origin of the phrase "Hot Stove League" which I did not. I will search high and low for an answer, but if one of you knows, please save me some time and post it as a comment to this entry.

In the meantime, you can think about whether the Reds should be allowing Volquez and Cueto to pitch in the WBC. I'm a little fuzzy on whether or not the Reds even have a choice. The teams are directed by the commissioner to support the classic, but I know that the Mariners told Beltre he couldn't play even though he wanted to. But he is coming off of surgery so that may have made a difference.

Total innings pitched every year (Google the Verducci effect) is a huge issue with young pitchers and tacking on extra innings for the WBC seems counter productive to me, but there is a movement afoot to de-emphasize innings pitched (see: Ryan, Nolan). What do you guys think?

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