Monday, November 9, 2009

Bengals bandwagon rolling along

I think the Bengals may have made their season with a big win yesterday over the Ravens. At 6-2, and with Oakland (away), Cleveland, KC, and Detroit still on the schedule, they are looking at a fairly easy route to ten wins. But throw in three tough road games against Pittsburgh, Minnesota, and the Jets, and ten might be it. Still, that should be enough to make the playoffs. Especially considering they are now 4-0 in the division.

A win next week at Pittsburgh would be humongous, but unexpected. Pittsburgh plays tonight at Denver, but will likely be the favorite regardless of what happens tonight. This morning, the Steelers were 7 point favorites. Expect that to go up a little if they win tonight. But lets hope they lose tonight. I had decided on the Falcons (over the Saints, my second choice) for the King-of-the-Hill pool I'm in, but failed to communicate that to the guy running the pool. So I'm stuck with the Monday night underdog, which tonight is Denver. Normally, having Denver at home on Monday night would not be such a bad fate, but they got drilled last week by the Ravens. Let's hope they take it tonight and I survive to next week. If not, it's my own fault. As Rachel said, "how hard is it to send in your pick?"

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