Monday, November 16, 2009

Wild, wacky weekend

Rachel and I had quite a weekend. I left home at 5:00 a.m. on Friday for a court appearance in Hazard, Kentucky, that came with a courtroom evacuation and a "stupid" post-it note left on my car window. Apparently, I parked in front of a parking lot driveway without even noticing. Thank goodness I wasn't towed (but later I would get my chance). The long delay in court got me back home just in time to pack up and head to Nash Vegas for the weekend.

Rachel and I headed to Nashville to visit friends and see the Cats play Vandy and hopefully become bowl eligible. But the highlight of the weekend came on Friday night, and I'm not referring to getting the best possible parking spot (more on the car later). Heading to dinner, we ran into Taylor Swift. We were waiting for the elevator when our friend said simply, "congratulations." Taylor took over from there. She thanked us and when we mentioned her SNL appearance she complimented the writers and said she'd had the best week of her life. There are celebrity sightings, and then there was this one. An actual conversation with the hottest star on the planet that particular week. Pretty cool; and Taylor could not have been sweeter or nicer. (And she looked pretty good, too.) Rachel and I saw her in concert about two years ago, opening up for Brad Paisley. She's come a long way since then.

On Saturday, we had a great brunch with our friends and another couple and their five-year-old, who was headed to his first ever football game. He was dressed, literally, head to toe in UK gear. I won't bore you with the details of the game; for that, check out UKFootballFan. The Cats won and became bowl eligible. I'm actually thinking Birmingham wouldn't be too bad this year. It's new, and it's got a great date and time. Memphis wouldn't be too bad. If it's Shreveport, however, we're probably not going.

We got a great start on Sunday morning, and I was looking forward to getting home in time to see most of the Bengals/Steelers game. But that's when trouble struck. First, the add coolant light came on. When we did that, it all leaked out. We tried driving, but then the temperature light came on and we had to stop. Fortunately, we weren't too far from Nashville. BMW roadside assistance got us a tow truck and arranged for a rental car at the Nashville airport. Dorothy took the car to Bowling Green and our friend came and got us and our stuff and took us to the Nashville airport for the Chevy Cobalt. We made it home about 6:30, more than double the time it was supposed to take. At least we got to hear the Bengals beat the Steelers on the way home.

The car should be ready on Wednesday. Fortunately, I have a depo in Evansville on Wednesday, so I can take the Cobalt there, head to BG and get my car, and then head home. It will only add about 2 hours to my day, much better than driving to BG and back on my own.

Today, I learned that my alma mater, Greenville High School (12-0) is hosting the state semi-final playoff game next weekend. My friend Marti ('84) and I ('83) plan on attending. Lots of wins for my football teams, which is quite unusual.

All-in-all a pretty wild and wacky weekend.

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