Sunday, November 1, 2009

Game three

The great thing about baseball is that anything can happen in any given game. If everything goes as expected tonight, the Yanks will go up 3-1. CC should beat Blanton, and 9 times out of 10 he will. But there's that one time that keeps it interesting. I think more so than most other professional sports.

I missed game 3 because we were at the UK homecoming football game. But as expected, as the teams got away from their aces, the offenses started to score. Pettitte gave what you'd expect, a solid effort. Hamels gave a start consistent with his season, a couple of great innings and then a bunch of runs. Charlie Manuel is taking a huge risk by running Blanton out there for game 4. Not that Blanton is that bad. His stats against the Yanks are bad, but mostly due to a couple of bad starts. Lately, he's been okay. But he's no Cliff Lee. If the Phillies did manage to win, they'd have Lee going tomorrow and would be in the driver seat. But that's a big if. I think it's a mistake not to run Lee out there three times, but Manuel didn't want to try him on three days rest. (If there is a game seven, expect Lee to be available out of the bullpen.)

My Yanks in 6 prediction is still looking good. Look to see CC win tonight, Lee win tomorrow night, and AJ try to close it out in Yankee Stadium in game 6.

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