Friday, November 6, 2009

Ramon Hernandez

John Fay reports the Reds will decline the $8 mil plus option on Ramon Hernandez. But they would still like him back and are trying to negotiate a reduced contract. Failing that, they could offer him arbitration and secure a sandwich pick if he signs elsewhere (and is a type b free agent, as expected).

The Reds need Hernandez (or someone like him) to catch. Hanigan had a terrible year, knocking in only 11 runs in 251 plate appearances. He had one of those rare seasons where his on base percentage, which wasn't that bad (.361), was higher than his slugging percentage (.331). With three home runs, he knocked in only 8 teamates the entire year.

Hernandez showed some versatility, too, handling first base very well with Votto on the D/L.

I'm not quite ready for my position-by-position hot stove posts, but we're in the same boat we were last year with the catcher spot. Except this year, we know Hanigan is not the answer as our everyday catcher. Last year, we weren't sure.

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