Monday, November 23, 2009

Bowling with UK

Normally, I leave the UK football stuff to the good folks over at UK Football Fan, and I'm sure there will be lots of great stuff there over the next couple of weeks. But I did want to make a couple of comments about the big win over Georgia on Saturday. (And not just because UK was my only team that won Saturday -- more on that later.)

We're all big ACC fans this week as we look for Clemson and Ga. Tech to take care of business in games in which they will be favored against South Carolina and Georgia, respectively. Even if the Cats lose to UT, losses by Georgia and USC this week may vault UK to the Peach Bowl. At a minimum, those losses should keep UK out of the Papa Johns and Independence Bowls.

But if Georgia and USC win this week, I'm not sure the Georgia win did much to help UK, other than set the table for a win over Tennesse drastically improving UK's bowl position. A loss to UT, coupled with wins by Arkansas and Auburn next week in conference could keep us in last place among the SEC bowl eligible teams. But a win over UT, even if those other teams win, puts us at 4-4 and 8-4, and makes UK the best non-BCS team from the East. That should be enough for the Outback Bowl, which favors teams from the East. At a minimum, we're looking at the Peach Bowl under that scenario.

Anybody have a good hotel recommendation for Atlanta?


Jessica said...

Make that Nashville. Again. Womp, womp.

Dave Zahniser said...

Jessica, That's better than Shreveport I guess. Are you going? Thanks for reading and commenting.

Jessica said...

Probably not since it's on a Sunday, but who knows. You?

Dave Zahniser said...

We'll be there. Maybe I'll try a live video blog like I did last year in spring training.