Monday, November 2, 2009

Game four

Well, maybe we got exactly what we should have expected. CC on three days rest is not quite as good as on regular rest, but still good enough to win. Blanton was not an ace, but came up with a good start in the most important game of his life. Girardi has been telegraphing his lack of confidence in his bullpen and now we know why. Triple that for Manuel and his bullpen. While not technically a blown save, Lidge gave up the game in the 9th.

If things go as predicted, Lee wins tonight and the series heads back to New York for game 6. Will it take 9 innings from Lee to win the game? Look for AJ to be not quite as sharp as he was in game 2 because of short rest. But I expect he'll get the Yanks to the 7th. That's where the drama will kick in. Yanks in 6 looks pretty good right now.

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