Monday, January 25, 2010

Baseball America top-ten propects lists by team

Baseball America has its top-ten prospect list up for each team and you can look at the lists for free. More detailed information requires a subscription. Here is the link for the Reds.


Ken said...

I am not sure that I've seen a more innaccurate analysis of the Reds by a major publication in some time. EE was terrible both at the plate and in the field, but yes Stewart and Roenicke were a loss. Hernandez, Bruce and Votto missed a combined 141 games (based on 130 for Hernandez). They should be better at 5 positions going into 2010 vs 2009.

Dave Zahniser said...

The piece not only has poor analysis, it's not up to date. Harang and Arroyo in the 2013 rotation, but no Volquez? Plus, it failed to mention the restructure of the Rolen deal or the signing of Aroldis Chapman. Sounds like it was prepared in November.