Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Starting pitchers addendum

According to, the Reds were one of the teams on hand for the Ben Sheets work-out, which apparently was pretty impressive. It seems unlikely the Reds could afford Sheets, but this may be why they restructured Rolen, to sign another starter. They've already signed Chapman, but that contract won't have a big impact on 2010. Obviously, Sheets is not left-handed, but he would be a huge boost over Matt Maloney in the rotation.

Even if the Reds don't sign Sheets, which again seems unlikely, they could certainly go for one of the other veterans on the market. The idea being that they scout Sheets to see what people are bidding on to help them know what other guys are worth relative to whatever contract Sheets gets.

I know it would go against my proposed plan to sign Sheets, but I can't help but be excited that maybe the Reds are in the Sheets sweepstakes.

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