Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Yesterday I mentioned Orlando Cabrerra as a possible solution to the Reds' shortstop hole. I'm not the only one that thinks that. In discussing the remaining free agents, John Fay of the Enquirer had this to say:

The only guy on the list I see as a fit for the Reds is Orlando Cabrera. He’s probably too expense for them at this point. A week or so into February and that might not be the case.

Stay tuned.


Grubb said...

I would love to see O-Cab bring his game to Cincy! He's been a winner in almost every stop. His defensive abilities have declined some, but if we could convince him to move to 2B and push BP over to SS I think the Reds could be really solid up the middle. (Not to mention have a nice run producing lineup). Somebody call up Mr. Jocketty, immediately!

Blue Sox Baseball said...

Thanks for the comment. But I can tell you that Jockety has consistently ignored my advice.