Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fanhouse top 100 prospects

The Fanhouse website is up with its top 100 prospects list. Here is what they said about Aroldis Chapman at no. 39:

Chapman could easily be in the top five, but at this point how can we really be sure? Much of Chapman's game is still a mystery, but if reports are to believed, and he can consistently produce that type of huge velocity, he'll be moving up this list in a hurry. Right now, he makes it purely on expectations.

Other Reds on the list include Todd Fazier at 56, Yonder Alonso at 57, and Mike Leake at 61. It's a little disappointing to see the Reds' last two first round picks, Alonso and Leake, so low.

Interestingly, Zach Stewart, who the Reds traded to Toronto as part of the Scott Rolen deal, is 60. Maybe the Reds gave up more than people thought in that deal, although I think the prospects were part of the deal because the Jays sent money back to the Reds to pay the rest of Rolen's 2009 salary.

I'm sure more top prospects lists will be out soon and we'll try to get you all of the Reds dope on the prospects. Baseball Prospectus should have its top-11 Reds' prospects up today or tomorrow. Also, check back for a post of where the Blue Sox' prospects appear on the various lists.

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