Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reds bullet points

We don't do a lot of bullet point posts here, but the rumors in baseball are really starting to heat up and the Reds have come up on a number of guys. So here are some bullet points and links for your consideration:

- We mentioned O-Cab yesterday with a link to John Fay's blog; Mark Sheldon thinks it's unlikely his price will fall far enough for the Reds to be able to afford him.

- The Reds are one of several teams set to watch Noah Lowry pitch in an audition for a starting rotation spot. His best asset, of course, is that he's a lefty.

- Scott Boras is trying to drum up interest in Johnny Damon. You have to assume this is only a ploy to bring the Yankees back up to a respectable offer. I doubt the Reds could afford Damon, but he'd fit nicely in left. Frankly, I'd rather see the Reds pursue a shortstop if they can't do both.

- In addition to O-Cab, the Reds have been linked to Alfredo Amezaga. In spite of the great name, he would be a disaster signing for the Reds.

- Eric Milton is still out there.

- So is Eric Bedard. He seems riskier than Sheets, but probably wouldn't command as high a contract. I'd like to see the Reds at least kick the tires on the power lefty. One thing about him, although he's often been injured, he's usually pretty good when he does pitch. Maybe the Reds could give him two years and give him 2010 to work his way back to being an ace. I sure would like to know what the scouts are saying about him. Maybe he should hold an open workout like Sheets did.

Look for our last installment of the 25-man roster preview, the outfield, soon. It's taking a while to figure out all of the possible left field options.


Blue Sox Baseball said...

By way of update, the Yanks have signed Randy Winn, making it all the more unlikely they will sign Damon. Maybe he will fall to a team like the Reds on a one year deal.

Blue Sox Baseball said...

John Fay agrees with me that the Reds should look at a shortstop upgrade over left field. Here's the link, but you may have to cut and paste.