Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reds nab O-Cab

Everyone is reporting that the Reds have signed Orlando Cabrerra to a one year deal with an option. John Fay has reported the deal as $3 mil. but other reports have it at $4 mil. With a $1 mil. buyout of an option, it's really $5 mil. guaranteed.

This is exciting news for anyone that wants to see the Reds compete in 2010. The Reds have taken the money they "saved" on Rolen's restructure to sign a veteran guy at a big hole. (I say "saved" because it would have been cheaper not to trade for Rolen in the first place, but that's water under the bridge.) A lot of people are really looking forward to Rolen's leadership this year and O-Cab may help in that department. He certainly seemed to help the Twins last year make the playoffs when he came over in a deadline deal from the A's.

O-Cab will hit; the question is will he play enough defense to be an upgrade over Janish. I think he will. The other question is whether Janish even makes the team now. If your the Reds, and this may depend partly on how the outfield is constructed in terms of right/lefty, wouldn't you rather have a guy like Drew Sutton, who's left-handed and has some pop, over Janish on your bench?

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Scott Blume said...

Janish has no real value to the Reds. If he gave the Reds a little offense then I think he could really help. But, the signing of Cabrera is a clear message to the Reds nation that mediocrity in Cincinnati may be in the rear view mirror.