Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dawson in, everyone else out

I think baseball is the only place where you can fail 7 out of 10 times and be considered great.

I must be great, because I got one out of three on my HOF predictions, with Andre Dawson getting in and Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar missing by less than 1% and 2%, respectively. But in my defense, Blyleven and Alomar were very close and no one else was even close. Jack Morris got 52.3% of the necessary 75% and Barry Larkin 51.6%. Larkin's showing was not bad for his first year on the ballot, and probably means he'll eventually be elected. Alomar's in next year for sure. Raines has gotten more support, but McGwire's has stayed about the same. I look forward to next year's debate, and watching Whitey get inducted this summer.

Here are the vote totals of those getting at least 5% (and, therefore remaining on the ballot for next year):

Player Total Votes Percentage
Andre Dawson 420 77.9%
Bert Blyleven 400 74.2%
Roberto Alomar 397 73.7%
Jack Morris 282 52.3%
Barry Larkin 278 51.6%
Lee Smith 255 47.3%
Edgar Martinez 195 36.2%
Tim Raines 164 30.4%
Mark McGwire 128 23.7%
Alan Trammell 121 22.4%
Fred McGriff 116 21.5%
Don Mattingly 87 16.1%
Dave Parker 82 15.2%
Dale Murphy 63 5.9%
Harold Baines 33 6.1%


Johngy said...

Blyleven and Alomar should get in next year, based on their votes this year and next year's lackluster new choices.

Dave Zahniser said...

I agree. Alomar is a certainty. Highest first-year vote total ever for a non-elected player. Blyleven should be in, too, but I thought that this year. As more of the younger (read: stat) guys get their ten years in Blyleven's vote total should be enough. Thanks for reading,