Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm at a complete loss for what to write about. I know, I just shouldn't write. But I feel like the Reds are at a critical juncture and I should have some good insight for my loyal readers.

I do know this: the Reds need a win or two in the next two days.

About two weeks ago I was writing about the Reds being the only team in the league with six outfielders and the only team in a while to be platooning the entire outfield. They're now down to three, and all three seem to be struggling a bit.

The pitching (non-Harang category) has been good not great. It's the offense that has struggled (see above re: the outfield). The bullpen in particular has been stellar save for the Missile's issues on Monday. With Cordero throwing strikes and Masset throwing lights out, I like where we sit, especially with Rhodes and Chapman in the pen. That's a solid late-innings relief corps.

Let's hope Pittsburgh and the D'Backs at home can help the Reds whittle that magic number, which is now down to 20.

I guess I'll cry the cry of the truly desparate and ask you, the readers, for ideas for me to write about. Let me know in the comments section.

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Jim said...

How about the great game coming up Friday the 10th with your good friends?