Friday, September 24, 2010

Blue Sox Baseball heads north

I was in Detroit on Tuesday and Wednesday for work (no, I'm not a full-time blogger) and was fortunate enough to have time to check-out Comerica Park for a Tigers/Royals game. Both teams are long ago out of the race, but the Tigers still managed to draw over 25,000 fans. Pretty impressive.

The park was about two blocks from our hotel in what looks like a pretty cool arts district. Ford Field was right across the street. We were able to pay a scalper $20 for two decent tickets in the mezzanine level just beyond first base.

What sticks out about the park is how big the outfield is, and that's after they moved the left field fence way in and installed bullpens. It's 420 to center. We saw numerous line shots to the outfield that died in an outfielder's glove. We did manage to see Miguel Cabrera hit one out in dead center. You talk about a no-doubter.

The park itself seemed very fan friendly with lots of stuff for the kids and tons of different food booths. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling super great so I didn't try any of the local fare. But the game itself saw very few interruptions between innings like you see more and more of these days. Overall, a great experience.

Oh, the Tigers lost 9-6. It was 9-3 in the bottom of the ninth with Cabrera due up. Leyland pinch hit for him since the game was already "over" but the game ended with the bases loaded and the winning run up. Cabrera's spot was on deck. But the guy didn't get to make two outs in the same inning.

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