Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Games 129 and 130: Sports Anderson

I'm a little behind on my blog posts and keeping up with games we've attended. Sorry. (I had to buy a new score book for last night's game, which I will get to. I know you want to read about the launching of the Cuban Missle.)

On Saturday night, we had some friends come up for the game. We didn't have our seats, so I got the best available (non-diamond club division) seats, which turned out to be in the upper deck. The seats weren't too bad and on the plus side they were only $14.00. But no one up there pays attention to the game. It was pretty annoying. Anyway, Arroyo pitched well, but not well enough to win.

On Sunday, our friend was singing the National Anthem (which was great by the way), so we had planned to go for a long time. It was brutally hot. After Rhodes gave up two in the top of the eighth to tie it on a two-run homer by Fukudome, Fukudome gave back the lead in the bottom half with a throwing error that allowed the go ahead run to score. The Reds scored one more, giving the Reds the 7-5 win and the series win.

The best thing at the park came on the Fan Fortune game. You'll recall that yours truly participated in this game not too far back. The clue was #10. You get R-E-D-S, already, so the guy had:

S _ _ R _ _
_ _ DERS _ _

You get to pick three more letters (ahead of time). I don't remember what other letters he picked, but two were P and N. So he had:

SP _ R _ _

His guess? Of course, Sports Anderson.

Oh, and we went to Morton's Sunday night for a pre-anniversary dinner (we had Reds thickets for the acutal night of) and saw Gomesey eating in the bar. He promised to hit a home run for us for our anniversary.

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