Monday, September 27, 2010

Blue Sox baseball back in Sunny Fla.

But not for spring training this time, just vacation. I'm blogging between the beach and the pool on the rented house's wireless (which I got working this morning with an assist from the firm's re-set desk). The Reds' magic number stands at one. Who'd a thunk it. They could clinch it tonight, but that would be anti-climactic because all of the guys are at home. Ideally, the Cards win tonight and the Reds clinch tomorrow against the 'Stros. I'm not sure the fans deserve a home field celebration, there hasn't been a ton of support, but the players and Dusty certainly do.

Wednesday night we will be heading to the Trop to see the Rays play the Orioles. They will probably have clinched at least a playoff spot by then. Look for a full report on that game.

I'm hoping to use this week to give you some fantasy updates, look back on my pre-season predictions, and maybe provide some playoff previews. So stay tuned.

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Jim said...

I just saw on ESPN that the Rays are giving away 20,000 seats to the game. Not sure who is giving them away, maybe the team? Apparently ownership was really frustrated that only 12,k showed up last night. Anyway, you may get a freebie. Although probably not diamond seats.