Monday, September 6, 2010

My first fantasy championship?

My first foray into fantasy baseball (unless you count the team I had back in 1988 for one season) was in an A.L only keeper league (the bgal) in 2006. I named that team the Blue Sox and came in second. But for a stupid roster move with Ryan Garko, I could have had second. The next season I came in second.

I'm now in three leagues, the bgal, the Colonial League (N.L. only re-draft league), and the League of Nations, a Yahoo! head-to-head, mixed league.

We just wrapped up the regular season in the League of Nations and I finished in first by 5 games. I now have a bye for the first round of the playoffs (the quarter finals). Next week, I'll play in the semis and, if I win, a two-week final for the championship. But finishing in first for the regular season is cool. I'm treating it like a real team would a division crown with a playoff nod.

By the way, I'm in first in the Colnial League by about six points. If I can hold on, I may have two championships in one season.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm in seventh in the bgal.

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