Thursday, September 2, 2010

Game 133: Yeah, I remember my first baseball game.

My favorite comedian is Steve Martin, and I've been known to throw out a quote or two in my day. On one of his records (Wild and Crazy guy, I think) he does this bit about his mood watch, which really doesn't go anywhere. Later, I heckler yells out, "What's your mood watch say?" and Steve chuckles and says, "yeah, I remember when I had my first beer." A great response to the heckler.

Last night, we enjoyed another great appearance by the Cuban Missile. (I somehow avoided another Cuban Missile blog post title.) He came in in the 8th, and pitched another one, two, three inning, this time needing 10 pitches, but he did get two k's. The Reds got 6 in the bottom half of the inning, so Chapman got his first big league win for his trouble.

Of course, the crowd went crazy when Chapman came in and most people were standing up. A guy behind us got a little overzealous when someone behind him suggested he have a seat. After the guy carried on a bit too long, Rachel came out with the, "yeah, I remember my first baseball game." Hilarious ... to us. The guy wasn't as amused. But hey, we're all Reds fans and it was a big win so everyone got along in the end.

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