Friday, September 17, 2010

Game 146: Just the opposite

Game 146, a 7-5 Reds win, ended exactly the opposite of game 145. In 145, the Reds had the bases loaded with 2 out, down 2. Drew Stubbs, the runner at first, got a huge jump on a line-drive gap shot hit by Ramon Hernandez and would have scored the winning run but for the nice play by Justin Upton to snag the ball and end the game.

Game 146 ended with the Reds holding a two-run lead. With two out and a runner on, Adam LaRoche drove a towering fly ball to right, which Jay Bruce somehow grabbed in the corner for the final out. I guess had it gone out it would have only been a tying home run (assuming it would have gone out -- I'm not convinced but others were) and not the go-ahead run, but Bruce certainly saved the game in the same vein that Upton saved the game the night before. Exciting stuff, and this time thrilling to be on the winning end.

The win gave the Reds an 8 game lead, which they promptly gave back yesterday (the Cards also won). I don't see how the Reds only get one run off of Rodrigo Lopez, even if they didn't play all of the regulars.

The Reds now start a very difficult 9-game road trip in Houston. With the magic number at ten, they could certainly clinch on the road, but I think it will be at home after the trip but before the last series. Stay tuned.

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