Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scout game-time decision for Bark in the Park

Scout has been to every Bark in the Park since they started them at GABP. I think that's five in a row. But his streak is in jeopardy. He's been struggling overall with some health problems and is very lethargic from his medication. And now he has an ulcer on his eye which has required he wear the dreaded cone. (See photo.) Last night, we decided not to put him on the D/L, but to make him a game-time decision.

He's had some great nights at the park, including getting a ball from Jayson Werth (Jay Bruce threw him one, too, but it went way over his head and he couldn't get it), getting on Kiss-Cam, and being on the front page of the Enquirer's sports page the morning after a game. I hope he won't miss this important opportunity to see a great run by his Reds, who have a winning team for the first time since the year he was born.

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