Monday, September 6, 2010

Game 134: Busch Stadium

The new Busch Stadium was really nice. I felt a bit nostalgic going to the stadium. I'd been to a lot of games at the old Busch, but it had been several years since I'd been to a game there (like about twenty?). In fact, one of my clearest memories from the old Busch was a double-header that my family went to when we first moved to the area back in 1978. My brother got a home run ball that Mike Schmidt hit into the upper deck. Of course, there were other great moments.

We did not have great seats and they were expensive. The more road games we go to the more I realize how great we have it at GABP.

Unfortunately, the Reds lost. It was the second straight game that Arroyo lost 3-2. The loss evened our road record to 3-3.

We didn't go Saturday, which the Reds won 6-1. We thought about trying to go Sunday, but came home instead. Good thing; the Reds lost again 4-2.

The Reds survived the series, winning one and only dropping one in the standings. They still have a seven run lead. Everyone but me seems convinced the Reds are going to win. The media, even the St. Louis media, are writing off the Cards. This commentary from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is particularly good and worth reading.

If the Reds survive the four-game series in Colorado, I may relax some, but I'd like to see that magic number in the teens (it's 21 right now) sooner rather than later.

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